Reproduction Services and Cost Recovery

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Basic Policy

Research, Copy and Reproduction - - Effective January 29, 2018
(Authority: WAC 434-690-080)

Charges for any customer transactions, except for orders through the Digital Archives website, which would result at, or near, $5 will be waived. This is done to ensure that the transaction costs for the Agency do not exceed minor reproduction costs.        

There is no charge for the retrieval of public records for research and inspection.  However, the Archives may charge a fee for research services beyond a minimum of 15 minutes. Research is defined as the collection. assembly, or extraction of data or information from records, or the analysis of information to provide a report.  The ability of the Archives to provide research services may be limited, depending on staffing levels and workload.

Customers may bring cameras, small personal scanners, or other devices approved by the Archives, to image records at no cost.  The imaging of records that are delicate or fragile will be at the discretion of Archives staff. 


Service Cost Recovery
Photocopies† $0.15 per page
Scanned Document† $0.10 per page
Photographic Prints Contact individual branch for details
Prints of Oversized/Fragile items Contact individual branch for details
Digital Storage Media (DVDs, CDs, flash drives, hard drives, etc.) Actual costs incurred by agency
Cassette Tapes $5.00 or in kind (90 min tape for 90 min tape)
Postage Actual costs incurred by agency
Certifications $5.00 per certification
Use of an Outside Vendor Customer can work directly with them for pricing quotes
Research Services $30.00 per hour ($15.00 minimum)
Digitization of Sound or Moving Picture $30.00 per hour ($15.00 minimum) not available at all facilities
Flatbed Scanning Services $30.00 per hour ($15.00 minimum)
Oversize Scans $60.00 per hour ($30.00 minimum)
Image Manipulation $30.00 per hour ($15.00 minimum)
Electronic Data Extraction $125.00 per hour if engineering time is required, plus the cost of digital storage media
Digital Archives E-Commerce $1.00 per record


† Items that can be duplicated on a copier/scanner without image manipulation, special settings, putting the record at risk, or beyond basic document preparation, such as removing staples. Does not include large bound volumes and other fragile oversized material.