Microfilm Scanning to Digital Images

Existing microfilm images can be converted to digital images and incorporated into a new or existing document management system.

Imaging Services uses the renowned Mekel MACH-series microfilm scanners that continuously adapt to meet the changing needs of the production-level archival and records management market. Mekel's custom Quantum Processing suite, features

  • 16 and 35mm microfilm conversion
  • The highest optical dpi in the industry
  • 180 frames per minute (200 dpi, bitonal , A4)
  • Simultaneous output of grayscale and bitonal formats
  • Multilevel blip detection
  • Optional automatic de-skew and centering
  • Optional 256 level greyscale output
  • Optional 1000ft (30m) spools
  • Optional PDF output

For more information about converting your microfilm images to computer-searchable digital images, please contact the Imaging and Preservation Manager at 360.586.0108 or [email protected]