New service to digitize paper and microfilm

Imaging Services is improving the way state and local governments retrieve information. Using innovative digital conversion techniques, Imaging Services is converting microfilm and paper documents into user-friendly digital images. The new service provides PC access to documents that were previously only available on microfilm or as paper documents. The digital images can be delivered as standard TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), Group IV by CD-ROM, DVD, Hard Drive, or the Internet.

Digitizing documents that were previously available only in paper or microfilm form allows agencies to instantly access documents, saving time, and improving customer service.

Imaging Services offered:

  • 16 Millimeter microfilm scanning
  • 35 Millimeter microfilm scanning
  • Paper Document scanning (up to ledger size)
  • Large-format paper document scanning (up to 16.4 feet x 6.6 feet)
  • Indexing Services
  • File re-naming

For pricing information please contact Imaging and Preservation Services at (360) 586-0108.