Regulations Governing the State Flag

No manufacturer of the flag of the state of Washington shall offer for sale said flag without first submitting a reproduction of said flag in duplicate to the Office of Secretary of State, State of Washington. Upon approval of design and color selection, the Secretary of State shall return one of the flags marked "approved" and keep the second flag on file in his or her office.

WAC 434-04-017   Description of seal for use on state flags.  (1) Each flag shall have official identical seals, one on each side of the flag, and so placed that the center of each seal shall be centered on each side of the flag. The seal may have a serrated edge;

(2) The size of the seal to be used shall be in proportion to the size of the flag as follows:

Flag Size Diameter of Seal
3' x 5' 19"
4' x 6' 25"
5' x 8' 31"

In all the other instances, the ratio of the seal diameter to the length of the flag shall be 1:3; and the ratio of the flag height to flag width shall be 1:1.6;

(3) The following color references for textiles are by cable number in the Standard Color Reference of America, Tenth Edition of The Color Association of the United States, Inc., New York, New York

Flag Color Cable Color
Pantone Color
(Process CMYK Printing)
Flag Background Irish Green 80210 PMS DS-268-1
State Seal Oriental Blue PMS DS-226-3
State Seal (portrait, lettering, outer and inner rings) Black PMS Process Black
State Seal Gold Spanish Yellow 80068 PMS DS-5-4
Fringe (if any) Gold Spanish Yellow 80068 PMS DS-5-4
George Washington's Face Eggshell 80004 PMS DS-5-9

(4) All textile colors shall be of colorfast washable dyes;

(5) The flag may be flown or displayed in its entirety as described herein; the state seal shall not be expropriated from the flag for any other use and such expropriation is regulated by the statutes (chapter 43.04, RCW) and administrative rules (chapter 434-04, WAC) governing the use of the Washington state seal.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.04.040 and 34.05.350. 05-15-018, § 434-04-017, filed 7/7/05, effective 8/7/05. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.04.040(4). 89-20-031, § 434-04-017, filed 9/29/89, effective 10/30/89.]