Resource Sharing (Interlibrary Loan)

The State Library’s Resource Sharing Specialist is responsible for all activities related to interlibrary lending and borrowing of materials. The State Library primarily uses Worldshare for request management and electronic document delivery. Materials are loaned directly to other libraries worldwide. Individuals should request materials through their local library.

Request Methods
Worldshare, telephone, e-mail

The State Library does not charge for photocopying articles or lending materials. As an LVIS (Libraries Very Interested in Sharing) member of OCLC, the State Library values reciprocity.

Obituary Requests
The Washington State Library no longer offers an obituary lookup service and we will not supply obituaries in response to article requests through ILL.  We will lend microfilm of newspapers, though.  Suggestions for how to obtain a copy of an obituary are listed here:  

Materials Available for Loan/Article Scanning
Books in our northwest collection, newspapers on microfilm, journal articles, federal publications, some state publications, and some reference materials

Materials Not Loaned
Rare and special collections materials, territorial materials, northwest microfilm, copy one of state publications, most reference materials, and some superseded/historical reference materials

Rush Requests
The State Library will accept rush requests for all materials. Please distinctively note RUSH on your request.

Loan Period
Eight weeks for all requests

Libraries may submit unlimited requests, but the lending of newspapers on microfilm is limited to ten reels per customer per library. Microfilm is loaned for in-library use only.

Two renewals will be granted for most materials, except for microfilm, which cannot be renewed.

Feedback We encourage your feedback. If you have comments or suggestions, please use our feedback form.

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